Sendung vom 22.12.13 (feat. Mix: krill.minima)

Flashback Signals vom 22.12.13 by Flashback Signals on Mixcloud

Mix von Ferenc:

Brain Pilot Sublevel Three
Eno/Wobble Transmitter & Trumpet
Future Sound of London Everyone in the World is Doing Something Without Me
Future Sound of London My Kingdom
Ozric Tentacles A Valley of Thousand Thoughts
Yello Great Mission
Xingu Hill Last Rites
Technova Data
Tuu Rainfall
Woob Giant Stroke
Mouse On Mars Future Dub
Braindub The Nervous One
Subsurfing Angel Fish

Mix von krill.minima bei soundcloud: Link

Sendung vom 08.12.13 (feat. Mix: The Haxan Cloak)

Flashback Signals vom 08.12.13 by Flashback Signals on Mixcloud

Mix von Ferenc:

SPK The Agony of Plasma
Scorn Silver Rain Fell (Deep Water Mix)
Skinny Puppy Jackhammer
Paul Lemos Hog Tied
Blackhouse Foreplay
Ice X-1
Techno Animal The Myth/Illogical
Skinny Puppy Double Cross
Nine Inch Nails Eraser (Coil Remix)
Skinny Puppy Last Call
Haus Arafna Golgatha In Flames
Download Cannaya
Crash Worship ADRV Tamborilada
Nine Inch Nails The Downward Spiral (Coil Remix)
Chris & Cosey Subondare
Converter Cloud Eye
Converter Nightmare Machine
Ice When Two Worlds Collide
Daniel Kluge/Edouard Stork The Chance To Begin Again
Hans Platzgummer/Ca Mi Tokujiro Shonen A (Pt. 3)
Thomas Harlan Rosa – Die Akte Rosa Peham (Pt. 1)

Mix von The Haxan Cloak (inkl. Tracklist) bei soundcloud: Link

Sendung vom 24.11.13 (feat. Mix: Speedy J)

Flashback Signals vom 24.11.13 by Flashback Signals on Mixcloud

Mix von Ferenc:

David Shea Fragment of Alpha
Thomas Körner Canon
Experimental Audio Research In the Cold Light of the Day
Nijiumu Once again I cast myself into the Flames of Atonement
Edward Artemyev Exodus
Scorn Little Angel
Edward Artemyev They go long
Final 1983-1987
Experimental Audio Research Phenomena 256
Achim Reichel & Machines Truth & Probability
Pink Floyd Sysyphus Part 4

Mix von Speedy J (inkl. Tracklist) bei soundcloud: Link

Sendung vom 10.11.13 (feat. Mix: The Pat aka Mandragora)

Flashback Signals vom 10.11.13 by Flashback Signals on Mixcloud

Mix von Ferenc:

The Orb Codes
Spiral 3 Cocaine
Future Sound of London The Galaxial Pharmaceutical
DJ Food feat. Natural Self The Illectrik Hoax (2econd Class Citizen Soft Collision Remix)
The Orb feat. Lee Scratch Perry Golden Clouds

Mix von The Pat aka Madragora (inkl. Tracklist) bei soundcloud : Link