2. Hälfte 2015

Sendung vom 13.12.15

Flashback Signals vom 13.12.15 by Flashback Signals on Mixcloud

Mix von Ferenc:

H.U.V.A. Network Time Circles
Dream Stalker Kair
Shulman Elements
Easily Embarrassed The Old Ways
The Cogent Project She Finds The Meaning
Smooth Genestar Influenced By The Tribes
Maluns Electronic Basil
IooN Change The Nadi Flow
Senzar Power Of Light
Sphingida Over The Depth
Tara Putra Rysselblower
Uth Haze Of Reality
Vonoom Dirty Dishwasher
Wasaru Animal Rights (feat. Ak-Blanc)
ZAR Serpantine
Akara Unlocking The Portal
Shamanizm Parallelii Shadows Of The Mountain’s Shamans
Globular The Loom
D-Echo Project Inadequacy
Bioscape Underwater Bliss
Mahaon Leaving The Limit (feat. Locus)

Sendung vom 11.10.15

Flashback Signals vom 11.10.15 by Flashback Signals on Mixcloud

Mix von Ferenc:

Asura Oblivion Gravity
Cell Calling
Carbon Based Lifeforms Metrosat 4
Erot Helleborus
Pan Electric & Ishq Forever
Suduaya Shamanic Light (feat. Chrisitan Amin Yarkony)
Hol Baumann Radio Bombay
Astropilot Dziva
Spectrum Vision Paper Love
Aes Dana Bam (Album Edit)
Banco De Gaia For Such A Time (System 7 Remix)
Hibernation Melt
Auma Settle And Release
Cell Vapor
Ooze Trying Outwards (Ooze Remake)
Sphingida Machaon
Victor Crain Vida Espiritual

Sendung vom 13.09.15

Flashback Signals vom 13.09.15 by Flashback Signals on Mixcloud

Mix von Ferenc:

Man of No Ego Galactic Girl
Naiad Daiad Fordy ‚Till Five
Asura Lonely Star
Shpongle How The Jellyfish Jumped Up The Mountain
Eat Static Tuned Mass Damper
Liquid Stranger Political Finga
Cabeiri Heliocentric
Bluetech Leaving Babylon
Aureohm Exploration
Quanta Twisted Strains
Sub6 feat. Michele Adamson Ra He Ya (Shulman Remix)
Zoungla Charging By The Crystal Cave
TRD Derive and Detach
Seamoon Digital Delirium
Perfect Blind Syncope
Outolintu A World Of Delusion

Sendung vom 09.08.15 (BURG, Sebastian Schlachter)

Flashback Signals vom 09.08.15 by Flashback Signals on Mixcloud

feat. Artist: BURG

BURG Blue (Take One)
BURG First part
BURG deGrasse
BURG Volca Keys Movement

BURG bei YouTube

BURG bei bandcamp

feat. Mix: Sebastian Schlachter

Sebastian Schlachters Live from the Moon Mix

Sebastian Schlachter bei soundcloud

Sendung vom 12.07.15

Flashback Signals vom 12.07.15 by Flashback Signals on Mixcloud

Mix von Ferenc:

Subsurfing The Number Readers
Globular Deeper Than Dirt
Radioactive Sandwich Damien El Racho
Quanta Overflow
Shpongle Room 23
Bluetech Alchemie Dub
Dhamika Spiritual Beings
Kaminanda Sadhu
The Future Sound Of London Slo-Mo
The Future Sound Of London Papua New Guinea (The Big Blue)
NeiRula Eyes Of Atlans
Deedrah Secret Files Of Seven
Bluetech Kingdom Of The Blind (Third I Mix)
Cell Audio Deepest Night
Zen Mechanics A New Philosophy
Atman Construct Parallax View (Sixis Redub)
Entheogenic Skullcap
Bioscape Amphibian Dreams